Become a Professional Makeup artist.

We help aspiring makeup artists, like you, turn their passion for makeup into a full-time business, so they feel confident when applying makeup to clients professionally.

"Best makeup school in Las Vegas.
Proud to be @Glamsophisticated certified" the best investment is
education and yourself."


Beginner to Pro Makeup Program teaches you our signature 5-step  Freelance Makeup Artistry Blueprint that helps aspiring makeup artists turn their passion or makeup into a full-time business, so they feel very confident when applying makeup on clients professionally. 


Is this you?

Do you have a passion for makeup you want to turn into a full time business?

Do your own makeup and your friends and family always ask you to do theirs?

Want to quit your 9-5 and start your own makeup business, or maybe make extra income by doing makeup on the side?

Want to learn all the latest techniques and all about different skin tones, undertones and color theory?

"Who would have ever known my destiny was to glam women and them feel beautiful? Thank you @nikolina_beauty @glamsophisticatedd for being a part of this Journey. I am truly blessed to have ran into this class and amazing teacher / good friend like Nikolina to guide me through this Journey."

if you could:

  • Make $100 - $250  per makeup appointment?
  • Leave the job you dread every morning and make a living with doing
    makeup on clients.
  • Be in control of your own schedule and income, and be able to take vacations anytime you like.
  • Have the confidence to launch your own makeup business.
  • Have a step-by-step action plan, tools, and resources to finally do what YOU love!

will receive

 Once you enroll, you will get access to our learning platform where you will immediately start learning about how to structure a foundation for your makeup business, how to master makeup looks, sanitation, building the makeup kit, marketing, branding, social media, and business.

  • 5 weeks online course (access for 12 months)
  • 1 week (Monday-Saturday) practical live sessions on models with a coach to guide you step-by-step
  • Live coaching sessions and support for the next 12 months in our exclusive private community
  • Zoom calls with your instructor once a month 
  • 2 certifications at the end
    (1 for our course, 1 for color theory with Terri Tomlinson)
  • Pictures for your portfolio and social media content
  • A makeup kit with professional tools, products and brushes to work with (valued at $1000)

Students In Action

After you complete
the program

You will receive a
Pro Certification
that you can use to apply for pro makeup discounts.  

What You Will Learn


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Points of Contact

Week 1:
Build Your Makeup Artistry Foundation

  • Dunning–Kruger effect/why the right mindset is so important
  • Money Manifestation (with Anita Mae from Manifesting Money Podcast)
  • Overcoming overthinking, procrastination and perfectionism
  • Introduction to makeup artistry
  • General rules and regulations for makeup artistry
  • Pro Discounts
  • The difference in brushes
  • Sanitation procedures
  • Flesh Tone color theory (with Terri Tomlinson)

Week 2:
Master Makeup Techniques & Looks

  • Skin Basics and Skin Care and why is it crucial to have the skincare knowledge
  • How skin functions and skin prep-exfoliation and serums
  • Look 1: Soft glam makeup look on light complexion
  • Look 2: Bridal makeup look on a medium complexion
  • Look 3: Smokey eye look on a tan/deep complexion
  • Look 4: Glossy makeup look on an Asian/monolid and hooded eye client
  • Look 5: Foxy Eye look
  • Look 6: HD makeup look
  • + Working with mature clients

Week 3 & 4:
Discover your brand and your signature style 

  • Client experience and adding value to your service
  • Client consultations and trials
  • Organizing large (bridal) parties
  • Curate your brand
  • Internal branding and why it is crucial for your business
  • External branding and creating your marketing materials
  • Canva 101
  • Building a website on Square Space

Week 5:
Freelance Makeup Business structure set up

  • Management systems for your business 
  • Create a FREE google business page and yelp page
  • How to use Square for processing payments and booking clients
  • Communicating and negotiating with clients
  • How to structure pricing for your services 
  • Right Business entity for you
  • Expense tracking: How to use Quick Books

Week 6:
Attract and Secure Ideal Clients on social media and get paid

  • Social media marketing and optimize your social media
  • How to attract clients on social media
  • Content creation and what to post and what to write in captions 
  • Where and how to find people to do makeup on for free to build a portfolio
  • How to take pictures of your clients and how to edit them for your portfolio
  • New Updated video of lightning to use and how to take content
  • Working with bridal and beauty agencies-PROs and CONs
"Best makeup school in Las Vegas.
Proud to be @Glamsophisticated certified"

"I just graduated at Glam Sophisticated makeup academy, that's the school you really need, if you want to be makeup artist. Nikolina explains everything so well and I was super happy with my choice and academy. I came all away from Colorado just for the school, I left so thankful and grateful for everything. This school definitely was a game changer for my life and I highly recommend going there because
the best investment is
education and yourself."


And let`s be honest,
beauty is not just about women anymore

At Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy, we welcome everyone wanting to learn about makeup who meet our enrollment requirements regardless of age, race, color, religion, nationality, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.

Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy is licensed to operate a Private Postsecondary Educational Institution in the State of Nevada by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education

Meet our team.

Nikolina Ivanova, Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy's founder, and instructor, helps aspiring makeup artists turn their passion for makeup into a full-time business so they don't feel nervous when applying makeup on clients professionally.

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What Our Students Say:

"I feel like I have so much more knowledge, and I can't wait to start using all these great skills she taught me"
- Kristinia DeBarge
"I'm so glad I came. This was the best decision I've made. Honestly, I've learned so much."
- Erika De La Rosa

You are worth it .

“I want to get my makeup artist certification and learn about makeup artistry and business, especially how to do different makeup looks and how to get clients myself, but I don’t want to go to cosmetology school or spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on makeup education.”

"Thank you!! you and your program
are exactly what I needed in my life"