Meet Your Team.

Nikolina Ivanova

Master Makeup Coach

Nikolina Ivanova, Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy's founder, and instructor, helps aspiring makeup artists turn their passion for makeup into a full-time business so they don't feel nervous when applying makeup on clients professionally.

Nikolina has moved to Las Vegas from East Europe in 2013 as an immigrant, and she went from working in the hospitality field and working for a corporate job in Macy’s to business owner in only 2 years. Her education started when she enrolled in cosmetology school to study esthetics but found passion in the makeup field. Soon after, Nikolina started booking her first appointments and that is how her freelance makeup business started.

She has taken training from top industry celebrity makeup artists such as Makeup by Mario, Tamanna Roashan (Dress Your Face), Ella Vardanyan, and Lilit Caradanian. She still invests in her education and works with top business coaches such as Lauren Tickner who are teaching her top business and social media skills that she teaches to her students as well.

She has been voted Top 30 Makeup Artists in Las Vegas two years in a row, and in 2019 she has developed a Freelance Makeup Blueprint that she now teaches her students, so they can learn how to start their freelance makeup business successfully. Her reason for getting into education was to teach students not only how to apply makeup but also how to set up and run a business, and how to use social media to find clients, as many beauty schools do not teach that aspect.

When you work with Nikolina, she mentors and guides you, while sharing struggles, business, and makeup lessons and experiences to motivate beginners in the makeup industry so you can see how an immigrant who moved to the USA in 2013 with $700 in her pocket managed to build a 6 figure makeup business from nothing.

"This was the most incredible
experience, I am so thankful that I found
you @nikolinabeauty! I will forever be
grateful for you and everything you have
taught me. So excited to start this next
chapter in my life/career."